Zong Call Packages: Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2021


zong call packages
Here I will share with you the best Zong call packages hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. Zong is among the top networks of Pakistan.

Here I will share with you the best Zong call packages hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. Zong is among the top networks of Pakistan. It offers various packages looking forward to the ease of its customers. Zong offers amazing call packages for their customers by which they can enjoy unlimited talk time. Zong has three categories for unlimited call packages.

Zong Call Packages Daily:

Zong daily call bundles include ‘zong full gup shup’ by which you can enjoy 75 off-net minutes in just 5 Rupees. ‘zong super student bundle’ offers unlimited of net minutes, while ‘zong daily voice bundle’ offers 20 off-net mins. By ‘zong student bundle’ you can enjoy 12o off-net mins in just Rs 5. There are also some more daily offers which are mentioned below in the table.

Zong call packages

Zong Call Packages Weekly:

Zong weekly call packages cover various offers including the ‘Shandar weekly offer’ for Rs.120 in which you can enjoy 500 off-net minutes and 40 on-net minutes. ‘Zong new sim offer’ also lies within this category. Then we have ‘all in one weekly bundle’ which gives us 1000 off-net mins and 40 on-net minutes in Rs.200.

‘Zong Punjab offer’ enables you to enjoy 150 off-net minutes and 6000 Mbs in just 230Rs. ‘Zong haftawar load’ offers us 2500 off-net minutes, 80 on-net minutes also 2500 Mbs for only Rs.250. ‘zong Karachi offer’ gives us 5000 off-net minutes and 15 on-net minutes along with 5000 SMS and Mbs in only 250 Rs. Further details are mentioned below.

Zong call packages

Zong Call Packages Monthly:

Monthly call packages of zong are ‘monthly power pack’ this is available in 2 categories ‘monthly power pack (500)’ which offers 1000 on-net minutes and 50 off-net minutes in 500Rs. ‘monthly power pack (1000)’ giving us 2000 on-net minutes and 150 off-net minutes in 1000Rs.

We also have a ‘Shandar monthly offer’ by which you can enjoy 1000 on-net minutes and 100 off-net minutes. ‘zong supreme offer’ is also amazing giving you 5000 on-net minutes and 300 off-net minutes in only 1000Rs. Further details are given below.

Zong Call Packages: Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2021 1

How to activate Zong to Zong call packages?


Unlimited1 DayRs.13 + taxDial *522#


Unlimited7 DaysRs.63 + taxSend “PK7” to 522


Unlimited30 DaysRs.255 + taxSend “PK30” to 522

How to check Zong call packages?

Status checking codes of the respective packages are mentioned above with them.

  • To check the status of MONTHLY POWER PACK (500) dial *102#
  • For checking the status of MONTHLY POWER PACK (1000) dial *102#

The above information which I provide in this post is taken from the zong official website. These zong call packages in this article are on researched based. If you find any mistake or wrong information about Zong call packages then you will mention it in the comment box.

If you get some information then please like it and share it with your friends. Here I only share the daily, weekly, and monthly call packages if you are searching Zong SMS packages then you can search them from the search box.

Zong is providing incredibly amazing call offers to its customers. If you are zong user hurry up to subscribe to your favorite suitable package and enjoy free and easy talk time with your loved ones.

Moreover, do share these packages with your friends and family. Zong also offers high-speed 4G internet packages to know about internet offers to click on the link below.



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