How to Share Jazz Balance

How To Share Jazz Balance-

How to share balance from Jazz to Jazz sim.

jazz balance share
You can share jazz mobile balance with your friend, family and other relatives. Jazz balance share code is new code for 2020. You can use it easily and transfer the balance from any Jazz sim to another sim step by step.


How to share jazz balance in 2020. It is very simple to dial this code *100*<9230XXXXXXXX> * #. and share balance with your love ones. After dialling this code you will receive a backup message. Actually the backup message is for confirmation if you have taken any mistake then you can solve it and after confirmation, you can press ok and balance will share.

It is a very simple and easy way to share balance from jazz to jazz.

But keep in mind……………..

1-Jazz Balance Share Code:

      *100*<9230XXXXXXXX> * #

Add amount between * and #


           Rs.0 per share transaction

3-Max Share Limit

          Rs 50/Transaction

4-Max amount transferred per day



Jazz Balance Share

In above four which I mentioned should be known everyone who wants to be share balance. The dialer code for jazz balance share should be correct otherwise your balance can be gone. No transaction charges would be applied. But you can share only 50 rupees at a time and maximum of 250 per day.


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